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The symmetrical english

Hansen Carsten

Authoritative coverage of a massive opening complex, including the Hedgehog and Anti-Benoni

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The Symmetrical systems of the English Opening constitute a large and important area of modern chess opening theory. The strategic variety to be found within this book is staggering: from the sedate Symmetrical Variation to the wild gambit lines of the Anti-Benoni, and almost everything in between!
This book provides detailed coverage of the theory of all lines stemming from 1 c4 c5. It includes many variations that often arise from different openings entirely, such as the Semi-Tarrasch, or when White avoids a Benko or Benoni. A particular highlight is the discussion of the Hedgehog, which is a popular workhorse for many tournament players, as it enables Black to play for a win without taking undue risks. Throughout the book, though, Hansen shows that in many lines regarded by a lot of players as boring and uninteresting, there is plenty of scope to liven the game up, if one is familiar with the subtleties.
Carsten Hansen is a young FIDE Master from Denmark. He has a wealth of experience at international level, and a reputation as an original thinker and thorough researcher. His first book for Gambit, The Gambit Guide to the English Opening: 1...e5, has received high praise in the chess press:
”For all systems, Hansen gives a detailed and intelligently-chosen overview of practice ... it’s extremely useful to have a thorough and considered overview of theory such as Hansen provides.” - John Watson.

  • Casa editrice CarstenChess
  • Code 4548
  • Anno 2018
  • Pagine 274
  • Isbn 9781731508058