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Writings in Chess History

Hilbert John S.

The book before you consists of forty chapters, originally individual essays or reviews written over the past several years, collected now for the first time.

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Contents Introduction Essays and Interview Chapter 1: Forgotten Games: Additions to the Steinitz Cannon ...1 Chapter 2: Zukertort in Canada: The Story of an Exhibition ...22 Chapter 3: How Odd(s), or Leveling the Playing Field For Fun and Profit Before the Almighty Rating ...58 Chapter 4: Lost Promise: George N. Cheney ...70 Chapter 5: Henry Thomas Buckle: A Life, with Chess ...78 Chapter 6: The Chess Games of Henry Thomas Buckle (1821-1862) ...108 Chapter 7: The Short, Tragic Life of Alexander G. Sellman ...173 Chapter 8: The Chess Games of Alexander G. Sellman (1856-1888) ...187 Chapter 9: Philadelphia`s Rex: How Small Club Play Helped Chess Flourish in Philadelphia a Hundred Years Ago ..271 Chapter 10: California Chess, 1858-1859 ...324 Chapter 11: Howard Staunton and Chess by ``Electric Telegraph`` ...332 Chapter 12: The Rich Body and Complex Texture of Correspondence Chess in America ...340 Chapter 13: Emanuel Lasker: The Challenge for a Biographer ...350 Chapter 14: Emanuel Lasker at Haverford College ...358 Chapter 15: Norman Tweed Whitaker: The Georgia Connection ...361 Chapter 16: Hermann Helms and Correspondence Chess Coverage in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle ...374 Chapter 17: Jacob Elson`s Early Years ...385 Chapter 18: The Marshall Canon: Unexplored Treasure for Future Historians ...390 Chapter 19: New York 1891: A Day to Remember ...427 Chapter 20: Oscar Chajes, Chess Master ...450 Chapter 21: Master ``Without Portfolio``: Franklin Melville Teed ...458 Chapter 22: Collaborative Chess Journalism: An Underused Opportunity ...465 Chapter 23: Conversation with a Correspondence Chess Historian: Interview with John S. Hilbert, by Neil Brennen (circa 2002) ...468 Chapter 24:The ``Megaphone Man``: The Curious Story of J. Henry Smythe, Jr. ...480 Chapter 25: Philip R. Geffe: A Chess Story (Written with IM John Donaldson ...495 Reviews Chapter 26: Of Life and Games: Philidor ...505 Chapter 27: A Tale of Splendor and Woe: Pollock Memories ...512 Chapter 28: The Art of Chess Biography: The Chess Biography of Marcel Duchamp, Volume One ...517 Chapter 29: Displaced Person ... Universal Talent: Elmer Zemgalis ...523 Chapter 30: When Daniel Seeks the Lion`s Den The British Chess Review ...529 Chapter 31: Conflict on-and off-the Chessboard The Chess Player `s Chronicle, New Series (Second Series) ...537 Chapter 32: Irregular Regularity, Or, The Chess Player `s Chronicle, Fifth Series ...544 Chapter 33: Victorian Restraint ... or Lack Thereof: The Chess Monthly, Volume 9 ...552 Chapter 34: The Diligent Harlequin: Hoffer and The Field ...560 Chapter 35: A World of Chess: The Chess World ...567 Chapter 36: Winding Through the Past: The American Chess Journal ...574 Chapter 37: When Chess Historians Meet ...582 Chapter 38: Russian Silhouettes ...588 Chapter 39: The Gambler, Cured: Curse of Kirsan ...595 Chapter 40: A Cornucopia of Chess ... and then some: A Chess Omnibus ...601 Index of Games ...611

  • Casa editrice Moravian Chess
  • Code 6460
  • Anno 2012
  • Pagine p. 620 - hardcover