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Three Double King Pawn Openings - 2nd hand

Yakov Estrin

A 2nd-hand book in fine condition, unread.

  • Bishop's Opening
  • Hungarian Defense
  • Ponziani's Opening

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Former World Correspondence Champion Estrin has devoted forty years to study of the double king pawn openings. In this new work he presents three relatively unpopular openings which he feels offer real opportunities for the tournament player: the Bishop's Opening, the Hungarian Defense, and the Ponziani's Opening. The analysis and illustrative games clearly demonstrate that each of the openings has real 'bite' for the unwary opponent. Estrin was assisted in this book by Moscow theoretician Igor Glazkov. In addition to the games cited in the text, each opening is illustrated by two fully annotated games. 106 diagrams make the text very easy to follow.

  • Casa editrice Chess Enterprises
  • Code 1068us
  • Anno 1986
  • Pagine 128
  • Isbn 0-931462-54-1