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The Turk, Chess Automaton

Levitt Jonathan

over 100 illustrations, facsimiles, photographs and chess diagrams, appendices, bibliography...

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over 100 illustrations, facsimiles, photographs and chess diagrams, appendices, bibliography
With all-new research and facts unknown for two centuries, this is a richly detailed and comprehensive account of “The Turk,” Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen`s amazing but fraudulent Chess Automaton that held the world spellbound for 85 years beginning in 1770. In actuality, the Turk was manipulated by a man housed in a hot box, working by candlelight—but the secret was kept for decades. Besides playing a good game of chess within an hour`s time, the manipulator had to keep track of the moves, work the pantograph arm apparatus, nod the head, roll the eyes, cover up sneezes and coughs, and work the sound mechanism. This work contains a detailed discussion of the literature surrounding the Turk along with an analysis of its hidden operation. The complete collection of published games played by the Turk, many, again, unknown for 200 years, is also included.
Gerald M. Levitt has been playing postal and over-the-board chess for many years. He has authored numerous articles for Chess Life and Florida Chess, written a chess column, and made live radio appearances as a chess expert. A retired doctor of podiatric medicine, he lives in Naples, Florida.
“deeply researched...highly recommended”—Blitz Chess;
“exhaustive details”—Chess Horizons;
“deeply researched.... Brilliantly put together...will fascinate chessplayers and non-chessplayers alike”—Inside Chess Online;
“a really special book...a fascinating book that has been written in a very readable way. ...fascinating stories...highly recommended”—Magic Week;
“a delightful book”—British Chess Magazine;
“fascinating...excellent research...the most complete collection of Turk played games...extremely interesting!”—Chess Mail;
“interesting”—The Intelligencer Record;
“the most complete compilation of information about the Turk ever in one volume. ...a fine piece of work. ...recommend[ed]”—ChessCafe.com;
“the most complete historical account and collection of published games played by the machine. ...fascinating”—The Washington Post;
“superbly researched, written, and presented history of this amazing hoax...‘must’ reading”—Midwest Book Review;
“fascinating...brings to life an incredible story of a machine which baffled the world. ...a beautifully bound edition from McFarland & Company”—Winnipeg Free Press;
“a complete history of The Turk’s career, and an unraveling of the mystery behind it. ...lavishly illustrated...a delightful book to read”—Book Lover’s Review;
“definitive”—Ashe Mountain Times;
“profusely illustrated, carefully footnoted and meticulously indexed. ...offers a lively history of the Turk...includes previously unknown material about the Turk and the chess contests that fired its fame around the world. ...a gem”—Naples Daily News;
“a detailed and thoroughly documented history...fascinating”—C&RL News;
“no one has collected as much history about the Turk as [Levitt]...a fascinating history...a grand history of the Turk’s amazing career”—The Times of Acadiana;
“a treat for both your eye and your mind”—Global Stamp News.

  • Casa editrice McFarland
  • Code 4633
  • Anno 2000
  • Pagine p. 258, paperback
  • Isbn 9780786429035