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The Secret of Chess - 2nd hand

Lyudmil Tsvetkov

2nd-hand like new

Printed by Amazon Poland

King size cm 21 x 30

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Learn the secrets of chess from the only person able to beat the world number 1 chess engine Stockfish. Learn chess 5 times easier through pattern recognition. Attain deep chess knowledge in an intuitive way through a wealth of diagrams (more than 500). Read about topics no other chess author has ever discussed in the past. This book is an entertaining story, combining in one all the elements of positional evaluation in chess. Learn things from the future of chess. Learning straight from the author who has contributed a lot for the development of the strongest chess engine on Earth, Stockfish. ABOVE sentences someone might find conceited, but are mostly true.In this book you will find everything one needs to know about positional evaluation, from tactical features, like pins and discovered checks, to deeply strategic ones, like pointed pawn chains and king shelter weaknesses. The book has incorporated almost all of the concepts available in other reference material, but that is just the start. No matter how unbelievable that might seem to you, half of the featured elements are completely NEW to chess theory, a product of endless analsysis sessions with Stockfish and Komodo chess engines, as well as the use of statistical points, derived from a large number of high-quality game databases, one of which is TCEC, the strongest computer chesschampionship in the world, played at very long time control. So that, when you are reading this, the signature is not only mine, but partly also that of Stockfish and Komodo. The creative ideas are mine, but without the valuable help of the chess engines, I would never have been able to do that the same way. Please, don't be afraid by the numbers used for qualifying all evaluation features: this is done just for the sake of precision, but it is very easy to convert those numbers to usual human assessments. For example, if a feature is assessed with +50cps (cp, centipawn is one hundredth of a full pawn material), that will mean the feature is good. When you see +100cps and above, the feature is very good. If between 0 and 20cps, the feature is still good and useful, but less so. Similarly, for features with negative values, the higher the value, the worse the specific feature is. One gets accustomed to these values and then everything is fine. The book gives a definition for each specific evaluation pattern, a diagram specifies it, and then you get more detailed information about the characteristics of the term, real-game examples and a mention of how frequent this term occurs on the board. All this information is useful, as in this way you will get a better understanding of which terms are good and which bad, how good or bad a certain term is, be able to follow real-game examples and deduce everything about the usefulness of the term. As already observed, you will not find a more COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE on chess/chess evaluation than this one. The main asset of the book is its innovative approach and the great amount of high knowledge introduced. The book is suitable for all levels of chess, from beginner to advanced, as the approach it follows is based on pattern recognition. One just has to memorise the specific pattern featured on a diagram, and then apply it on the chess board! Nothing less, nothing more. The more terms you memorise, the better you will be at chess. MAKE NO MISTAKE: chess evaluation is the most important element in acquiring a better chess knowledge. You can play very good chess by being able to evaluate well, even if you are not able to calculate all lines very well, but the opposite is not quite true. If you don't know which positions are good and which bad, you will always be choosing the bad ones! So, don't wait any longer, and just grab this UNIQUE chess knowledge guide, memorise all patterns inside and progress at chess much faster than you have ever thought possible.

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  • Anno 2017
  • Pagine 290
  • Isbn 9781522041405