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The Marshall Attack

Lalic Bogdan

L'Attacco Marshall è una delle più vecchie e importanti aperture nella storia degli scacchi. Il Nero sacrifica un pedone nella Spagnola in cambio di un attacco duraturo.

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The Marshall Attack is one of the oldest and most important openings in the history of chess. Black sacrifices a pawn against the Ruy Lopez in exchange for a long-lasting attack. Generations of the world’s top players have fought on the Marshall battleground, but the final verdict on its soundness has not yet been reached. However, of one thing you can be sure: Black certainly has a lot of fun in trying to checkmate the white king! It is perhaps because of this reason that as White, many Grandmasters, including the world number one Gary Kasparov, have decided to avoid the issue altogether, preferring the more tranquil waters of Anti-Marshall systems. The ideas and strategies of both approaches are studied in depth here by a renowned openings theoretician.
*An ideal weapon at all levels
*Written by a leading openings expert
*Full and up-to-date coverage of all the fashionable lines

  • Casa editrice Everyman Chess
  • Code 4743
  • Anno 2003
  • Pagine p. 176
  • Isbn 9781857442441