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The Alekhine Defense Playbook


After l.e4 Nf6 Black is playing full contact ``provocateur`` chess...

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After l.e4 Nf6 Black is playing full contact ``provocateur`` chess. He develops a piece and attacks the White center pawn, drawing it forward to be targeted for siege. At first White gets to drive around the pesky Black Knight while gaining time and space – but is it hollow space behind a rickety pawn front, or a positional vice-grip? Grandmasters disagree, and for the rest of us to trot out Alekhine’s Defense has been like playing football without a helmet until now! Here at last Tim Sawyer introduces his precision game plan in The Alekhine Defense Playbook, a compact repertoire of pre-packaged Black mischief and mayhem. From the very first move there’s no getting away from the Playbook, as White faces a clear-cut program of counterplay no matter what he does. Loaded with original analysis and plenty of common sense advice, the Playbook is your complete pocket guide to the hypermodern Alekhine Defense.
Tim Sawyer’s new Playbook series takes the average chess player step by step through the opening, with concrete and viable answers to any move by the opponent. Designed to be a self-contained game plan, the Playbook combines old fashioned research with the latest in software aided analysis. Each recommendation has been carefully worked out in advance, then tested on the Internet Chess Club against super-computers whose blitz ratings approach 3000! Over and over until a complete and reliable system slowly emerges, able to withstand whatever may come. Another unique feature of the Playbook is it’s companion CD, a comprehensive game collection for those who need maximum input! Taken together, the Playbook and CD offer the tournament player a solid and practical manual for winning chess.

  • Casa editrice Pickard & Son
  • Code 4532
  • Anno 2000
  • Pagine p. 158
  • Isbn 9781886846166