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Play the Najdorf: Scheveningen Style

Emms John

La Najdorf della Siciliana è una delle aperture più giocate tra i campioni, incluso il grande Garry Kasparov. Emms ci presenta un repertorio completo e dinamico contro tutte le possibili risposte del Bianco.

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The Najdorf Sicilian is one of the most sharp, dynamic and popular openings that Black can play and is a firm favourite amongst the world’s elite players, including world number one Garry Kasparov. From very early on, Black unbalances the game to a reach a position in which one can play for the win without exceptional risk.
The soundness of the Najdorf has never been questioned, but some players can be put off by the ever-spiralling amount of theory amassed on this great opening. In Play the Najdorf, however, Grandmaster and openings expert John Emms condenses this mountain to produce a workable black repertoire against all of White’s possible options
* Explains an opening championed by Fischer and Kasparov
* Written by a renowned openings theoretician
* Covers all of White’s main replies

  • Casa editrice Everyman Chess
  • Code 4742
  • Anno 2003
  • Pagine p. 192
  • Isbn 9781857443233