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Linares! Linares! A Journey into the Heart of Chess

Geuzendam Dirk Jan ten

Once a year some of the world`s sharpest minds gather in the Andalusian town of Linares...

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Once a year some of the world`s sharpest minds gather in the Andalusian town of Linares. In the splendid isolation of Don Luis Rentero`s hotel Anibal, the leading grandmasters of chess decide, as Garry Kasparov puts it `who is who for the coming year`. The Linarese proudly speak of the Wimbledon of chess. Linares! Linares! is the engrossing evocation of the games, intrigues and conflicts that have made the supertorneo a unique tradition. Meet the players and the aficionados. Why does Vassily Ivanchuk have trouble praying when he is thinking of God? Was Gata Kamsky`s orange juice really poisoned? Why did Judit Polgar exclaim `How could you do this to me?`, when she confronted Kasparov in the lobby of the Anibal? Was it a coincidence that general Juan Perea`s son got married in Mexico on the day when Manolete was killed in the Linares bullring? And perhaps the most intriguing question the author tries to answer: why does time come to a standstill in this provincial Spanish town when the chess players arrive? Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam is editor of the world`s leading chess magazine and author of the acclaimed Finding Bobby Fischer. Every year he makes the pilgrimage to Linares.
``The book excellently describes the atmosphere of Linares. I finished it in one evening`` - Vladimir Kramnik
``A fascinating depiction of the emotions behind the ostensibly serene facade of the Wimbledon of chess``
``A special book. The author has a keen eye for detail and aptly puts into words the unwritten laws of chess world``
Het Parool
And for Finding Bobby Fischer
``Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam brings to the task painstaking preparation, wide knowledge and sharp intelligence``
Edward Winter.

  • Casa editrice New in Chess
  • Code 4568
  • Anno 2001
  • Pagine p. 126