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Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games Volume 2 - 2nd hand like new

Stohl Igor

Book condition: like new

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Garry Kasparov has dominated the chess world for more than twenty years. His dynamism and preparation have set an example that is followed by most ambitious players. Igor Stohl has selected 74 of Kasparov`s best and most instructive games from 1973 to 1993, and annotated them in detail. The emphasis is on explaining the thought behind Kasparov`s decisions, and the principles and concepts embodied by his moves. Stohl provides a wealth of fresh insights into these landmark games, together with many new analytical points. This makes the book outstanding study material for all chess enthusiasts.
In 1985 Garry Kasparov became the youngest world chess champion in history by defeating Anatoly Karpov in an epic struggle. Twenty years later he is still world number 1, and is an internationally renowned figure, famous even among the non-chess-playing public following high-profile events such as his matches against IBM`s Deep Blue supercomputer, and the Kasparov vs. World game in 1999.

Igor Stohl is a well-known grandmaster from Slovakia. He plays in several national leagues and is a noted opening theoretician. His thorough annotations frequently appear in Ceskoslovensky Sach, Informator and ChessBase Magazine.
His previous book for Gambit, Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces, won the United States Chess Federation Cramer Award for Best Book.

"Books of the week: Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games (Volume 1 and Volume 2) by Igor Stohl are superb accounts of Kasparov's career, starting when he was ten years old and going right through to his final tournament at Linares 2005. The production quality is outstanding and the notes by the Slovak grandmaster are exhaustive. These books contain everything you ever wanted to know about Garry Kasparov." - GM Raymond Keene, The Times

"Some of the most impressive publishing work I have seen is represented by the two-volume set Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games by Igor Stohl. These beautifully produced hardbacks are a worthy complement to Kasparov's own outstanding volumes on his great predecessors." - GM Raymond Keene, The Spectator

"The difference with other books that have examined these games is that Stohl has put a huge amount of effort to get things right by analysing in depth." - Gary Lane, Chess Moves

"[Stohl] often improves on Kasparov's past comments. It is one of this year's best books, and it could be a great help to Kasparov in preparation of his own works about his career." - Lubomir Kavalek,Washington Post

"This first volume comprises 74 games analysed in painstaking depth by one of the very best annotators around, Igor Stohl. Very few writers on the game could do justice to such an important project but if you are familiar with his previous book for Gambit, Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces, you will already appreciate the very high standard he works to. This new book follows the same highly successful formula as IMCM - the opening stage of each game is discussed thoroughly taking into account any new developments since the game was played, critical decisions in the middlegame are subjected to intense scrutiny and, when Kasparov's opponents do manage to survive to the endgame, Stohl gives clear insights into the approach and high-level technique that has made Kasparov the highest rated player for the past 20 years. This is a terrific book, all the more so as it is published as a beautiful hardback." John Anderson, Correspondence Chess

  • Casa editrice Gambit
  • Code 54401us
  • Anno 2005
  • Pagine p. 320, hardcover
  • Isbn 9781904600435