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Psychomotor Activity on a Giant Chessboard - EBook

Alfiere Bianco


This project came into being with the aim of making children the central figures in developmental game playing, progressively developing their motor-sensory capacity by requiring the use of active intelligence during game-based activities. These highly beneficial lessons take place in an exclusive and protected space: the giant chessboard. Experience shows that this becomes a magical experience for kids – a bridge between reality and imagination. Carefully structured game activities heighten children's self-esteem as well as providing an unique opportunity to build relationships with companions based on loyalty, responsibility and partnership. These activities are also introductory for learning the game of chess.

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This manual is designed for kindergarten and primary school teachers, as well as other educators. This first course is made up of 15 early years skills (psychomotor education) chapters. The manual is based on lengthy practical teaching experience with children between the ages of five and six, but can be used for students up to the ages of seven or eight if the teacher believes it is appropriate for their level. All of the activities take place on a giant 4 x 4 metre chessboard, involving the use of very simple pieces of equipment.

The manual's text is presented as follows: 
 The chapter number and name.
 A very short lesson summary.
 Equipment list. 
 Fairy tale excerpt. This supplies a very effective, memorable and magical context for the exercises.
 The main verbal instructions for the children. 
 Activity information for the teacher. 
 Closing chant. 
 Observations. 
 Photos of example equipment and materials.

To further aid teachers, videos of selected activities are available on the Internet at http://eys.fide.com

Please use the following contact information: eys@fide.com

You will receive the ebook by email within 48 hours max after the order

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