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Alabaster chess set black/red

ALABASTER CHESS SET HIGH QUALITY, KING MM 75 (2.95``), CHESSBOARD CM 37 x 37 (14.5`` x 14.5``)
Weight Kg 4.
Color: black/red. Made in Italy

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Beautiful pieces and chessboard in alabaster of high quality, Italian production.
King high mm 75, chessboard cm 37 x 37. 

Color: Red-Black

Weight of the whole set Kg. 4

More than two millennia have passed since the Etruscans began the processing of alabaster which, even today, in Tuscany, is transformed by skilled hands into unique and beautiful objects. The artisan shops that remained in the historic center of many Tuscan villages - fundamental in the local economy until the middle of the last century - are entrusted with the preservation of tradition and the  task of directing it towards modernity.

The presented chess set represents the synthesis of this manufacturing process and shows itself the timeless beauty of this stone.
Displayed in a room or in a studio, it gives the environment a touch of unparalleled refinement.

This product is shipped by LE DUE TORRI official supplier of the Italian Chess Federation, a guarantee of quality for over 35 years.

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