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Commentary on the Laws of Chess

Savic Mihajlo

Second expanded edition of the book by IA, FM and IO Mihajlo Savic. Unique valuable to any Chess Player, Arbiter or Organizer.

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Second expanded edition of the book by IA, FM and IO Mihajlo Savic. Contents: • Svetozar Gligoric, Instead of Review • Nikola Karaklajic, The Book Necessary to Any Chess Player • Zlatko Ilincic, The Reference Book of Chess Laws • Word From the Author • Comments on the Laws of Chess • The FIDE Laws of Chess • Basic Rules of Chess • Competition Rules • Appendices • International Title Regulations of FIDE • Regulation for the Titles of Arbiters • Regulations for the Classifications of the Chess Arbiters • List of the Lecturers for the FIDE Arbiters Seminars5 • FIDE Rating Regulations • Forms • About the Author Hardcover, 304 pages Reviews: - Two new factors entered contemporary chess - money and computers. Those and similar factors made complications for chess arbiters, but also contestants and chess workers because they must have extra knowledge and resource in questionable situations, whose number and kinds are multiplied as contemporary praxis implacably impose. I apriciete long term effort of the writer to make one useful and much needed reference book for everyone who is active in chess one way or another, - GM Svetozar Gligoric. - We have witnessed in many chess tournaments how players, and even chess arbiters, can misinterpret certain rules. This book will undoubtedly help them to clear up some disputable situations. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I recommend this book, which will, I believe, very much have influence in avoiding some of the quandaries in our tournaments, since, in my opinion, the result of a chess game can only be just if achieved over a chess board, - GM Zlatko Ilincic. - The changes of regulations which are adopted at almost every FIDE Congress demand of players on the tournament to know those new decisions very well. It is necessary to observe all those changes and if they are followed by comments of competitive person with authority, then we should realize the importance of this book in front of you, - late IM Nikola Karaklajic. About the author: FM Mihajlo Savic has gathered all the characteristics necessary for the writing of this kind of book: being a lawyer he involved the practical application of abstract legal theories, as a International Arbiter with a long time experience he witnessed a number of interesting uncertain situations and as a International Organizer in ex-Yugoslavian countries he could predict possible obstacles. Finally he is a player, too, who finds that knowledge of the rules of chess is more than just useful for any tournament game.

  • Casa editrice Neven
  • Code 6148
  • Anno 2010
  • Pagine p. 304 - hardcover