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Chess in the Eighties - 2nd hand

Bronstein David, Smolyan Georgii

Book condition: very good Hardcover

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David Bronstein was a chess grandmaster and one of the strongest players in the world. In this sharp and provocative essay, the authors explain their concern regarding the increasingly sport oriented nature of chess, in which the result is all-important, to the detriment of chess as an art form and as an element of culture. They also investigate the psychology and the thinking processes involved in chess, discuss the impact of chess-playing computers, and close with an imaginative and light-hearted preview of chess in the third millennium. The famous Soviet chess grandmaster Bronshtein and PhD Smolyan wrote a book on reflection about chess, their high moral and aesthetic purpose, on the prospects for the development of chess art. The authors argue for such chess, which are able to "give joy intelligent communication and bright creative experiences."

  • Casa editrice Pergamon
  • Code 1366us
  • Anno 1982
  • Pagine p. 116
  • Isbn 0-08-024126-3