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The Application of Chess Theory - Hardcover - 2nd hand

Geller Yefim

2nd hand book, very good

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Yefim Geller has been one of the world's foremost grandmasters over the past four decades, during which time he has established a reputation as being the leading Russian authority on opening theory.

In this annotated collection of his own games, translated by Ken Neat, Geller shows the practical benefits of a sound understanding of opening strategy.

Written by a former world title candidate, this book places emphasis on opening plans rather than theoretical variations, and includes more than 30 wins against world champions from Euwe to Karpov. Six-times world championship candidate Yefim Geller has won the Soviet Championship on two occasions and has made outstanding contributions to the theory of the King's Indian Defense, Spanish Opening and Sicilian Defense, in particular. He is co-author of Kasparov v. Karpov 1990 (with Kasparov, Lein and Chepizhny).

  • Casa editrice Cadogan Chess
  • Code 1362us
  • Anno 1994
  • Pagine p. 264
  • Isbn 1-85744-067-6