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Alekhine's Defence - 2nd hand

Davies Nigel

2nd hand. Book condition: very good

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Alekhine's Defence is a sharp and often underrated counter to 1 e4. Black immediately challenges the white e-pawn and tries to lure White into constructing a big central position. Black¿s hope is that White¿s central installations will become unweildy and vulnerable to a middlegame counter-attack. However, Alekhine enthusiasts must always be careful - get it wrong and White will come crashing through! Whether you want to play the Alekhine, or want to know what to do against it as White, this book will be an essential addition to your armoury.

* Up-to-date coverage of a dynamic counter-attacking opening

* Written by one of England¿s leading chess coaches

* An ideal battle manual for club and tournament players

  • Casa editrice Everyman
  • Code 4708us
  • Anno 2001
  • Pagine p. 158
  • Isbn 9781857442533