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The Tarrasch Defence - DVD

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Are you looking for an active defence against 1.d4? Look no further! The Tarrasch Defence (1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 c5) is one of Black’s most ambitious ways to meet 1.d4. No wonder that World Champions Boris Spassky and Garry Kasparov played it!
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Autore l'Ami Erwin
Produttore ChessBase
Referenza Cod. S6524
ISBN 9783866816756

The opening is characterized by an immediate fight for the centre and active piece play. Grandmaster Erwin l’Ami knows the Tarrasch Defence well and has played it successfully with both colours. On this DVD l’Ami reveals many new ideas that have never been seen in tournament practice. In an extensive strategy section he also shows the typical ideas behind this opening. A must-have for ambitious tournament players!

• Video running time: 7 hours (English) 
• With interactive training incuding video feedback
• Extra: database with extensive analysis and model games
• Including CB Reader

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