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How Bobby Fischer battled the Sicilian - DVD

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Beat the Sicilian like Bobby Fischer!

Bobby Fischer was a devoted Sicilian player. But the American chess genius and 11th World Champion was also a devoted 1.e4 (“Best by test” as he said) player, and his results against the Sicilian are remarkable.

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Autore Mikhalchishin Adrian
Produttore ChessBase
Referenza Cod. S6530
ISBN 9783866816770

In almost all variations he came up with new ideas and developed systems of his own — such as 6.Bc4 (one of his pet moves) against the Najdorf, and the Rauzer. Fischer liked to play aggressive but basically sound lines against the Sicilian and many of his variations are still very much alive and a good choice for players of all levels.

• Video running time: 4 hours (English) 
• With interactive training incuding video feedback
• Extra: Database with games of Fischer versus the Sicilian
• Including CB Reader

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