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Yearbook 92

Many Grandmasters

Poikovsky winner Alexander Motylev: One step beyond in the Anti-Moscow Slav.

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Forum Readers from all over the world join in discussions on previous surveys. Titled players, correspondence players and club players shed their light on opening developments and search for the truth together. With contributions by Peter Heine Nielsen, Anish Giri, Viktor Moskalenko, Dejan Antic and many others. Sosonko’s Corner What did Jose Raul Capablanca think of the Sicilian? You will be surprised by the legendary World Champion’s ideas, illuminated by Genna Sosonko in this time’s Corner. An investigation follows of the merits and drawbacks of the great Cuban’s favourite reply 2.Ne2, and we are given some surprising thoughts of modern top players on the classics. Book Reviews These days, Glenn Flear points out, opening books seem to be all about violence: fight this, kill that, use dangerous weapons. Milos Pavlovic’s ‘fighting the Ruy Lopez’ is a case in point. It turns out to be a pragmatic repertoire book. The same can be said of Semko Semkov’s ambitious ‘Kill K.I.D.’, the cover of which would even scare Uma Thurman! ‘Win with the Stonewall Dutch’ by Sverre Johnsen and Ivar Bern contains some nicely unconventional ideas. Flear also compares the second edition of ‘Pirc Alert’, by Alburt and Chernin, with ‘Dangerous Weapons: The Pirc and Modern’ by Palliser, McNab & Vigus. As always, several refreshing examples illustrate Flear’s own take on the material. Surveys Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5 - SI 6.1 - Sherbakov Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 7...Qb6 - SI 8.7-9+14 - Olthof Sicilian Defence Velimirovic Attack 8...Bd7 - SI 26.6 - Obodchuk Sicilian Defence Four Knights Variation 6.Nc6 - SI 34.8 - Van der Tak Sicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 5...Qc7 - SI 40.2 - Fogarasi Sicilian Defence Grand Prix Attack 5.Bc4 - SI 49.5 - Grivas French Defence Winawer Variation 6...Qa5 - FR 11.1 - Cabrera Alekhine’s Defence Exchange Variation 5.ed6 - AL 7.3 - Finkel Petroff Defence Marshall Variation 6...Bd6 - RG 4.12 - Sapundjiev Petroff Defence Jaenisch Variation 8.Nc3 - RG 6.1 - Lukacs/Hazai Ruy Lopez Jaenisch Variation 3...f5 RL - 6.10 - Ninov/Gavazov Ruy Lopez Open Variation 9.Nbd2 RL - 27.14 - Mikhalevski Italian Game Max Lange Gambit 5.d4 - IG 2.1 - Gutman Italian Game Evans Gambit 5...Bd6 - IG 5.3 - Volokitin Various Openings Fajarowicz Gambit 3...Ne4 - VO 17.6 - Gutman Queen’s Gambit Declined Blackburne Variation 8.Bf4 - QO 1.2+4.3 - Kaufman Slav Defence Chameleon Variation 6.g3 - SL 3.1 - Greenfeld Slav Defence Alapin Variation 6...Na6 - SL 4.7 - Vilela Slav Defence Anti-Moscow Variation 6.Bh4 - SL 6.6 - Motylev Slav Defence Moscow Variation 6.Bf6 - SL 6.9 - A. Kuzmin Catalan Opening Open Variation 6...dc4 - CA 3.12 - Avrukh Nimzo-Indian Defence Classical Variation 4...d5 - NI 23.4 - Panczyk/Ilczuk Grünfeld Indian Defence Exchange Variation 7.Nf3 - GI 4.14 - Van der Tak Grünfeld Indian Defence Exchange Variation 7.Bc4 - GI 5.8 - Gupta King`s Indian Defence Classical Main Line 9.b4 Ne8 - KI 5.5 - Ikonnikov King’s Indian Defence Sämisch Variation 5...c6 - KI 53.3-6 - Grivas Benoni Defence Benko/Volga Gambit 4.Qc2 - BI 18.5 - Moskalenko Queen’s Pawn Openings 3.Nbd2 Line - QP 6.8 - A. Kuzmin Queen’s Pawn Openings Trompowsky Opening 2...e6 - QP 7.7 - De Dovitiis Queen’s Pawn Openings Trompowsky Opening 2...c5 - QP 7.16 - Palliser Dutch Defence Leningrad Variation 7...Nc6 - HD 6.5 - Cabrera English Opening Reversed Dragon 4...d5 - EO 3.4 - Vitiugov Réti Opening Capablanca Variation 2...Lg4 - RE 22.16 - Langeweg

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  • Anno 2009
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