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The Moment of Zuke - 2nd hand

Rudel David

2nd hand. Book condition: Very good, seems unread.

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Most good chess games have turning points, decisive moves where momentum and advantage are at stake.


The Moment of Zuke helps Colle System players succeed by illuminating the facets critical to these positions and providing plenty of practice material fortraining.


In June of 2008, David Rudel brought a new brand of chess instruction in his debut book: Zuke ‘Em — The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized.


His original presentation and style speak to club, class, and improving players in ways not to be found in traditional chess books.


The Moment of Zuke belongs in every Colle System player’s library, containing seven lessons on common gamechanging situations Colle System players frequently see.


Each module contains practice problems and solutions illustrating key attacking ideas for both b3- and c3-Colle System players. It will give you a feel for pivotal points in the game.


David Rudel works as a senior editor for ExploreLearning, a leading math & science software company.


Victor Spear:

``An outstanding achievement. David Rudel has an ease of writing that can only be called a gift``.


Table of Contents


1 Move Order Quandaries

2 Slaying the b7-Monster

3 Putting Down an Errant Knight: How to Handle an early .. Ne4

4 A Kite of Doom — Double-Bareled Fun

5 The Game-Changing Retreat: Responding to .. Nfd7

6 Charge: When to Play g4!?

7 Classic Greek Gifts: More than 50 Pages of B x h7

Bonus Tract 1: Anti-Colle Lines: a Digest of Antidotes

Bonus Tract 2: The Phoenix Attack — A New Colle-Koltanowski Line


  • Casa editrice Thinkers` Press
  • Codice 6002us
  • Anno 2009
  • Pagine p. 258
  • Isbn 9781888710380