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The Grünfeld Formula - DVD

The story goes that a low-rated player once bravely asked Viktor Korchnoi his advice about what opening to play against a stronger opponent. “Play Grünfeld” was the grumpy reply. “Play Grünfeld against everything apart from 1 e4.” I have no way of verifying this story, but it certainly inspired me to think about whether this was possible and the end result is this new ChessBase course.

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Naturally, a universal approach using ...Nf6, ...g7-g6 and ...d7-d5 as the base would be very useful for players of all classes, saving time and energy and promising a fluid, dynamic position. I’ve found Korchnoi’s advice to be mostly true, but there are a few important exceptions when Black can do better than just trot out the Grünfeld Formula. Look out for those differences! This is a course full of opening ideas and suggestions for Black, against all of:
1 b3
1 b4
King’s Indian Attack
1 f4
1 c4
1 Nf3
QP Systems including London, Torre, Trompowski, Barry Attack, Colle, Stonewall.
A comprehensive list!

• Video running time: 6 hours (English)
• Exclusive database with model games

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  • Codice S6581
  • Isbn 9783866817920