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Special Endings Voll. 1+2 (2 books) - 2nd hand

Pinter Jozsef

Corrections and Improvements to the 1000 Endgames Series.

Two books in very good condition, like new.

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My chessfriends,

Collecting the data, researching material and analyzing the games took me a long time. This writing s a supplementary work which contains corrections and improvements to the recently published studies in this field.

Although they can seem easy, I noticed, the top grandmasters' endgames are full of mistakes, and inaccuracies.

The games by the huge mass of players who compete in Open tournaments contain even more errors and I discovered that their knowledge of endgames leaves a lot to be required. That was the main reason why I wrote this book.

The endings of important games which were played recently were given priority, especially those of leading Grandmasters.

I omitted commentaries that can be found in the above mentioned works.

                                                                                                    The author


GM József Pintér was rated in the world's top 10 at the peak of his career and is the captain and trainer of the Hungarian national team.


  • Casa editrice Caissa Hungary
  • Codice 5951
  • Anno 2009
  • Pagine p. 199 + p. 250