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Secrets of openings surprises vol.1 - 2nd hand rare

Bosch Jeroen

Book condition: very good 1st issue

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Look at your opponent sitting there in blissful ignorance. Fully at ease, everything under control, not a worry in the world. Or so he thinks. He’s checked his repertoire, double-checked his main lines. He wanted to come well-prepared and he did. Or did he? Because what he doesn’t know is that today is not his day. For the simple reason that he’s playing you. And you are going to spring a surprise on him. No main variations today, nothing mainstream, he’s going to be initiated into a world of secrets: Secrets of Opening Surprises!
In this book you will find an extensive selection of the best SOS columns that Jeroen Bosch wrote for New In Chess Magazine. In addition you will find two chapters from Bosch`s contributions to the New In Chess Yearbook. All of them have been reworked and updated.
Tired of main lines? Looking for a weapon to perplex your opponent? Here’s a refreshing source overflowing with baffling ideas and stunning finds.
Jeroen Bosch is an International Master and a prolific chess writer for various chess publications. His thoroughly researched contributions to the New In Chess Yearbooks are highly valued, but he also continues to perplex (and pleasantly surprise) us with the seemingly endless stream of unorthodox opening ideas that he manages to unearth for his SOS column in New In Chess Magazine.
Publisher`s recommendation
Section I
The left hook a3!?
Chapter 1 The Gunsberg Variation
Chapter 2 Your SOS weapon versus the Pirc
Chapter 3 Outfox your opponent
Section II
Surprising bishop moves
Chapter 4 Sokolov`s surprise
Chapter 5 Play the Surprise Indian
Chapter 6 TN on move 5
Chapter 7 A bishop`s wonder move

Section III
Early queen moves
Chapter 8 Alapin bites the Dutch
Chapter 9 Another Tarrasch Variation
Chapter 10 Surprising Hodgson
Chapter 11 A surprising queen sortie
Chapter 12 A tactical weapon

Section IV
An SOS pawn thrust
Chapter 13 Modern, Scandinavian or Alekhine?
Chapter 14 Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen?
Chapter 15 Trumping the Tromp
Chapter 16 The improved Lisitsin Gambit

Section V
Outflanking the French
Chapter 17 French Wing Gambit

Section VI
A surprising Sicilian
Chapter 18 The Kupreichik Variation

  • Casa editrice New in Chess
  • Codice 4991us
  • Anno 2003
  • Pagine p. 208
  • Isbn 9789056910983