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Samuel Reshevsky - A Compendium of 1768 Games

Gordon Stephen W.

2nd hand book like new. Softcover, big size. Algebraic.

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A Compendium of 1768 Chess Games, with Diagrams, Crosstables, Some Annotations,and Indexes.

On November 26, 1911, Samuel Herman Reshevsky was born in Ozorkov, Poland. At age six he became a chess professional and for seventy years he was a force on the international chess scene. This is by a very large margin the most comprehensive collection of Reshevsky’s games ever offered to the public.

Arranged in chronological order, with mini-essays wrapping up each decade, the 1,768 games (match, tournament, exhibition, simultaneous, casual, speed, postal, blindfold and other) are given in full, many with diagrams. Three indexes: openings by traditional names, openings by ECO codes, and opponents.

Stephen W. Gordon is a former winner of the U.S. Amateur Chess Championship. He lives in West Valley City, Utah. 

Inside Chess:
"This oversize monster is by far the most complete work ever printed on Sammy Reshevsky. One of the giants of American chess, [he] was a world championship level competitor for four decades. Detailed player and opening indexes (..) an excellent addition to any chess library."

British Chess Magazine:
"Gordon’s magnum opus covers eight decades of masterly play (..)A mammoth 1,768 of Reshevsky’s games together with informative introductions to each decade. Assiduously researched and collated- a real treasure trove!"

The Compulsive Reader:
"a commendable record and tribute (..) majestic (..) clear, lucid and interesting."

“quite an accomplishment (..) immense biographical information (..) the most comprehensive collection of Reshevsky’s games ever offered to the public.”

IM Jeremy Silman, in Inside Chess:
"Without any doubt, the best book ever written on this important and overlooked subject."

Chess Base USA:
“what a wonderful book.”

  • Casa editrice McFarland
  • Codice 4631us
  • Anno 2011, paperback large
  • Pagine p. 406
  • Isbn 9780786460939