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Mitrofanov's Deflection - 2nd hand

Victor Charushin

Second hand book like new.

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Volume Three of The Tactician's Hand- book continues ICCF IM Charushin's unique look at the fundamental building blocks of tactical play. Here we have his detailed examination of deflections, the "drawing away" of an attacking piece onto an inconvenient square. The sacrifice is marvelous to behold: a piece is given away for nothing, and also with check! This stunning combinational method is here shown to be no lucky accident, but a basic mechanism of tactics in chess. Mitrofanov's Deflection is presented with its own history, then games and studies reinforce the operation of this beautiful tactical device - all in Charushin's inimitable style! The Tactician's Handbook offers a profound new method of exploring chess combinations: one element at a time, in short focused steps.Each volume examines a single, often seen tactical category using carefully selected illustrations. Every example demonstrates the real-world "nuts and bolts" operation of the tactic in question. Readers can immediately apply the skills acquired here, blending the combinational types learned from The Tactician's Handbook into their own games.

  • Casa editrice Pickard & Sons Publishers
  • Codice Mitro01us
  • Anno 1998
  • Pagine 90