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Larsen's selected games of chess 1948-1969 - 2nd hand rare

Larsen Bent

Book condition: very good without dust jacket

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This book contains some extraordinary games won by Bent Larsen, mostly during the sixties; the best part seems to be his account of some games he won during the 1964 interzonal in Amsterdam where he tied for first with (ex or future) world champions Tal, Spassky and Smyslov. His game with David Bronstein for example is breathtaking; do not miss his short win against the then world champion Tigran Petrosian at Santa Monica (1966): Petrosian was nearly invincible at the time but Larsen beat him twice during this double robin tournament; he also beat Bobby Fischer there but in that game Bobby's play was very weak. However, the translator knew nothing of the chess world which is somewhat awkward. Let's conclude with the sad fact that Bent Larsen passed away earlier this year; he had stopped playing competitive chess at the highest level some twenty years ago but he was still a very difficult opponent in the eighties.

  • Casa editrice Bell
  • Codice BL01us
  • Pagine p. 182
  • Anno 1970
  • Isbn 9780713516173