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Fighting chess with Hikaru Nakamura - 2nd hand

Muller Karsten, Stolze Raymund

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This is the very first book to focus exclusively on Hikaru Nakamura, the greatest American chess player since the legendary Robert James Fischer. The book features a prologue penned by Lubosh Kavalek, who was none other than Bobby`s insider and supporter at the ``match of the century`` against Boris Spasski in 1972. That up to now there have been no books on Hikaru Nakamura is nothing less than astonishing, given the fact that he is firmly established in the United States as the legitimate successor to the eleventh world champion, the great Robert James Fischer. At the very least, this has been the case since his sensational triumph at the traditional Wijk aan Zee chess festival on 30 January 2011 in Holland, where he finished ahead of reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand. In this book, grandmaster Karsten Müller from Hamburg and chess journalist Raymund Stolze from Berlin document the 24-year-old’s fascinating journey to the top of world chess. Interestingly, Hikaru was not a typical child prodigy, and at his first Junior World Championships didn’t even make it onto the winners’ podium. Although he won a World Cup medal aged just 13, today he creates true miracles. In ten chapters the authors focus on the main reasons for the success of Nakamura, who, like arch-rival Magnus Carlsen, was coached for nearly a year by Garry Kasparov. In addition to an exclusive interview, of special interest are contributions by prominent chess greats, such as three-time U.S. national champion Lubosh Kavalek. Kavalek has been following Hikaru`s ascent to the summit of chess at close range. Which is why he is ideally placed to deliver a reliable verdict on this exceptional player. Many chess fans admire Hikaru Nakarnura`s furious attacking talent. and wish him all the best for a successful career.

  • Casa editrice Olms
  • Codice 6483us
  • Pagine p. 232
  • Anno 2012