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Chess Tactics for Advanced Players

Averbakh Yuri

One of the finest books ever written on tactics for stronger players.

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Originally published in Germany in 1984 this book was until recently hot property on the second hand market as it recognised as one of the finest books ever written on tactics for stronger players.

The Director of the London Chess Centre IM Malcolm Pein insists it improved his game. ``It was the first book I had ever read that truly dissected what makes a tactic `` he said ``and my tactical awareness was enhanced, I still go back to it from time to time``.

The author Yuri Averbakh is best known for his work on endgames but don`t be misled. Averbakh`s system of definitions will get you into how tactics really work. The author states: “With the aid of the term contacts and their combinations, a definition of the combination is worked out and a new and promising system of classification is introduced.” He adds “Working his way through the book, the reader will realize that various kinds of combination of chessmen and squares on the board must be preceded by various contacts between them.”

The section on `particularly strong moves` is particularly enjoyable and instructive. The “Double Attack” is covered in 144 pages and begins with the interrelation of strategy and tactics and the three stages of attack. There twenty nine sections ending in study examples In part Two “Combinations” Averbakh discusses subjects like the different kinds of piece contact and ``various means of applying force`.

Averbakh draws on both studies, problems and practical examples in both main chapters and there are plenty positions to solve as well as some example games. CHESS TACTICS FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS is one of the best ever books on this subject. If you enjoy studying combinations and tactics, and if you want to improve your strength in these two areas, then this is the book for you! -

`Jeremy Silman`



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