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Chess School 2 - 2nd hand

Mirkovic Slobodan

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The author Slobodan Mirkovic has been engaged in chess since primary school. As of 1984 he has held International master title. He has been participant of several international tournaments. From 1990 he has rarely participated on tournaments and coaching has become his main occupation. He recently became FIDE coach. From 1988 till 1999 he worked with juveniles of different ages as a professional coach of CC ``Partizan``. He is one of the founders of The School of Champions in CC ``Rad``, which began to work in 1996. His students have won eleven Yugoslav and SCG Cadet Championships. All titles were won in the moment when author of this book was working with students individually. From numerous groups of students it is good to mention GM Nikola Sedlak, GM Milos Perunovic and GM Bojan Vuckovic, who are at the moment Serbian most perspective chess players. Slobodan Mirkovic systemized about five thousand matches from World top chess players practice, and he made ledger which represent base in working with young chess players. He is the author of chess combinations classification, which is in the informative System of ``Chess Informant``.

Slobodan Mirkovic is a well-respected Serbian chess teacher. Amongst his pupils are GM`s Nikola Sedlak, Milos Perunovic and Bojan Vuckovic. For this book - indeed a series as there is already a second volume - he collected and classified his numerous teaching materials. The reader is offered many dozens of examples from GM practice with a task and a solution. The book consists of three parts:
Part 2: miraculous world of combinations

  • Casa editrice Montenegro Chess Federation
  • Codice 60262us
  • Anno 2006
  • Pagine p. 178