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Yearbook 64

Many Grandmasters

Nic forum, Sosonko`s Corner, 35 Nic surveys...

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NIC Forum
Readers from all over the world join in discussions of previous surveys. Both (grand)masters and club players shed their light on new opening developments and search together for the truth.
Sosonko`s Corner
Inconspicuous games can have big consequences. According to Genna Sosonko a recently played game in a rapid tournament in Paris is bound to affect the theory of one of the most popular lines of the Slav Defence.
Book Review
Glenn Flear reviews two monographs (on the Grünfeld and the Alapin Sicilian) and two volumes in a new Everyman series: starting out. How does a novice to an opening get acquainted with a new line or system he wants to include in his repertoire?
35 NIC Surveys Yearbook 64
Sicilian: Najdorf Variation 6.Rg1, by Dorian Rogozenko
Sicilian: Dragon Variation 9.0-0-0, by Van der Weide
Sicilian: Classical Variation 6.Be2 Nd4, by Van der Weide
Sicilian: Rauzer Variation 7...Be7, by Karolyi
Sicilian: The Anti-Sveshnikov System 3...e5, by Rogozenko
Sicilian: Taimanov Variation 7.Qd2, 8.0-0-0, by Fogarasi
Pirc: Classical Variation 4.Nf3, by Nadyrkhanov
French: MacCutcheon Variation 4...Bb4, by Almasi
French: Rubinstein Variation 3...de4, by Van der Wiel
Caro-Kann: Smyslov Variation 4...Nd7, by Stohl
Alekhine: Larsen Variation 4...de5 5.Ne5 c6, by Bosch
Petroff: Marshall Variation 6...Bd6, by Boersma
Petroff: Jaenisch Variation 6...Be7, 7...Nc6, by Morgado
Ruy Lopez: Bird Defence 3...Nd4, by Van der Tak
Ruy Lopez: Berlin Variation 3...Nf6, by Almasi
Ruy Lopez: Worrall Variation 6.Qe2, by Fogarasi
Italian Game: Giuoco Piano 4.c3, 5.d3, by Lukacs/Hazai
Scotch: Belgrade Gambit 5.Nd5, by Van der Tak
Four Knights: Rubinstein Variation 4...Nd4, by Lukacs/Hazai
Two Knights: Rare moves against 5...Ng4, by Panczyk/Ilczuk
Queen’s Gambit Declined: Blackburne Variation 5.Bf4, by Pliester
Queen’s Gambit Declined: Tartakower Variation 7...b6, by Pliester
Queen’s Gambit Declined: 4.Nf3 Nbd7, by Pelletier
Slav: 4.Qc2, by Karolyi
Slav: Krause Variation 7...Nd5, by Karolyi
Tarrasch: Rubinstein Variation 7.dc5, by Bosch
Queen’s Gambit Accepted: Central Variation 3.e4 Nf6, by Lukacs/Hazai
Nimzo-Indian: Rubinstein Variation 5.Bd3, by Rogozenko
Nimzo-Indian: Rubinstein Variation 5.Ne2, by Shulman
Grünfeld Indian: Russian Variation 7...a6, by lthof
King’s Indian: 4...0-0, by Gufeld
King’s Indian: Smyslov Variation 5.Bg5, by Langeweg
Volga Gambit: Main Line 5.ba6, by Fogarasi
English: Symmetrical Variation 4.e4, by Van der Sterren
Réti: King’s Indian Reversed, by Langeweg

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