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Winning Chess (Chernev Reinfeld) - 2nd hand

Chernev Irving, Reinfeld Fred

How to perfect your attacking play

2nd-hand book like new, spine and cover colour faded by light

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  • A classic book for improving players from the bestselling author of Logical Chess: Move By Move
  • Lively instructional text and inspirational examples help you improve your attacking play and learn to become a winner
  • New edition of a chess classic, now in algebraic form for the first time

Chess is 99% tactics and this lively self-instructor, tailor-made for improving players, will teach you how to anticipate the possibility of a chess combination, identify the appropriate tactical device, calculate up to 3-4 moves ahead and visualize the final decisive blow.

Though the number of potential positions on the chessboard is infinite, the number of tactical weapons in your armoury is relatively small. In Winning Chess these devices, – from pins, forks and skewers to breaking communication and removing the guard – are thoroughly and engagingly explained, move by move, chapter by chapter.

  • Casa editrice Batsford
  • Code BT8499us
  • Anno 2013
  • Pagine p. 229
  • Isbn 9781849941105