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The Sicilian Labyrinth - two 2nd-hand volumes

Lyev Polugayevsky

2nd hand books in good condition

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The Sicilian Defence is the most dynamic and popular of modern openings, leading to complex positions abounding in sharp attacks and sacrifices. Lyev Polugayevsky, who has exclusively answered 1 e4 with 1...c5 throughout his grandmaster career, is the ideal author to guide the reader through the intricate Sicilian Labyrinth.

Volume 1: Opening Experiences: Attack and Defence in the Middlegame
This volume describes how to: avoid opening disasters, understand theoretical disputes, and prepare unpleasant surprises for your opponents; conduct attacks against the enemy king in a variety of situations; defend as Black and find ways to counterattack.

Volume 2: Middlegame Strategy: Endgame Silhouettes
Here the most important practical problems of Sicilian middlegame strategy are examined: pawn structures, the central squares, open lines, piece values and various types of strategic sacrifices. A description of typical endgame features - open files for the rooks, the two bishops, and minor pieces in opposition - completes the reader's preparations for employing this complicated opening.

From the author's introduction:
"This defence ... is for players with strong nerves." "From the very first steps one must be psychologically prepared to take important decisions". "Two opponents, meeting on the 'Sicilian battlefield', must be ready for an open confrontation."

If this sounds like the opening for you, then The Sicilian Labyrinth is essential reading!

  • Casa editrice Pergamon
  • Code PG4796us
  • Anno 1991
  • Pagine 181 + 163