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The Powerful Catalan - 2nd hand

Bologan Viktor

Book condition: very good

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The Catalan is a solid yet flexible chess opening system that is popular on all levels. Both amateurs and top-level strategists such as Vladimir Kramnik and Vishy Anand employ this opening to put a lot of unpleasant pressure on Black.

In The Powerful Catalan grandmaster Victor Bologan presents a complete repertoire for White that covers all of Black’s responses. Also included are those variations where Black tries to steer the game into other openings like the Queen’s Indian or the Tarrasch Defence.

The book is classically structured (starting with the rarest variations before moving on to the most popular ones) and contains original analysis of many recent tournament games. Bologan’s clearly formulated verbal explanations are essential for a good understanding of the strategic plans and the tactical themes of the Catalan.

Victor Bologan is a world-class grandmaster. He has won many tournaments, including the Aeroflot Open in Moscow and the Dortmund super-tournament.
He has written critically acclaimed opening books like The Chebanenko Slav and The Rossolimo Sicilian.

German Correspondence Chess Federation on ``The Rossolimo Sicilian``:
``Helps you to learn through understanding the material (…) This is a book the chess world has been waiting for.``

Carsten Hansen, Chesscafe, on ``The Rossolimo Sicilian``:
“It is easy to read and provides good coverage with plenty of original input.”

Jeremy Silman on ``The Chebanenko Slav According to Bologan``:
``Stands head and shoulders above everything else on the subject, and is how I wish every advanced opening book would be written.``

  • Casa editrice New in Chess
  • Code 6463us
  • Anno 2012
  • Pagine p. 256
  • Isbn 9789056914011