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The Chess Combat Simulator - Test and improve your chess - 2nd hand

Bosch Jeroen

book condition: very good

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GM Viktor Moskalenko: "The book is very good. I am using it in my classes."

Chess self-improvement for amateur players. You are invited to find the best moves in 50 grandmaster games. With a unique scoring system you can rate your performance and register your progress. Move by move you pick a Grandmaster's brain to become a better player!

* Find the best moves in 50 Grandmaster games   
* Rate your performance with a unique scoring system
* Register your progress
* Improve your chess

You can score points for each move, and at the end of each game you can rate your own performance. Don't be afraid if your move differs from the Grandmaster’s choice: alternative moves are analysed and rated accordingly.

The famous chess coach Mark Dvoretsky once said: "Training is more effective, the more successfully the atmosphere of a real tournament game is imitated". That is why The Chess Combat Simulator will make you a better player.

Jeroen Bosch is an International Master of Chess, an experienced coach, and a successful author. He is the editor of the best selling SOS - Secrets of Opening Surprises series.

Thomas Behrens, Chess-International:
"An essential feature of a good book is the user-friendliness. Here the layout is ingenious."

IM Malcolm Pein, Chess Magazine:
"The layout is great. I liked the choice of examples, many were highly instructive games I had never seen seen."

Bill McGeary, ChessVille:
"The games selection is one of the best I have seen."

IM John Donaldson, ChessToday:
"A superior format that has addressed some of the possible drawbacks of this type of training."

IM Gary Lane, Australian Chess:
"Bosch does an entertaining job of appealing to club players. A chance to gauge your chess playing skills."

Lou Mercuri, Chess Horizons:
"I found the annotations to the games to be excellent and reveal many of the deeper points of particularly strong moves and they also chart what continuations were far weaker. It is also useful to have multiple point levels available."

Johan Hut, Schakers.info:
"You can earn points for every move, and the nice thing is that you also get some points if the move you proposed is not the strongest."

GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman:
"A superb new book."

John Elburg Chess Reviews:
"Unique in this book is the scoring system (...) This type of Solitaire chess is not new but I have not seen a book with such an inviting system of rewarding points."

Rochade Europa Magazine:
"Jeroen Bosch succeeds brilliantly, and mixes tactically sharp fights with more strategic-positional games." 

GM Nigel Short, The Sunday Telegraph:
"Bosch is someone who clearly thinks about his chess, a quality that distinguishes him from 99 

  • Casa editrice New in Chess
  • Code 5633us
  • Anno 2006
  • Pagine p. 264