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The Budapest for the Tournament Player - 2nd hand

Mikhail Tseitlin, Igor Glaskov

A 2nd-hand book in very good condition. Figurine algebraic notation.

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In this dynamic counter-attacking opening Black offers his opponent a pawn as early as the second move! In return, he strives for active piece play and possibilities for an early assault on White's king. Against well-prepared opponents the Budapest Gambit is a tricky and aggressive opening which suffers little in comparison to the normal Queen's Gambit and Indian defences; against lesser opposition it is an ideal surprise weapon, intensifying the struggle from the outset and often leading to spectacular early finishes. Whatever your standard of play, this up-to-date guide will help you to understand the critical ideas of each variation, many of which have undergone a fundamental revision in the last few years.

  • Casa editrice Batsford
  • Code 2339us
  • Anno 1992
  • Pagine p.144
  • Isbn 0-7134-6966-8