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The Best Move: Fischer - 2nd hand

Lyudmil Tsvetkov

A 2nd-hand book like new. Self-publishing. Printed in the USA.

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This is intended as a tactico-positional serial book, covering the world champions. The first part features probably the greatest of all - Fischer. Tactics and positional decisions are roughly split in half in 2 suites. The aim will be to find the best move the world champions played. Can you do that? In any case, if you can not, the explanations are there to help you out. Tactical positions have been checked with Stockfish, but the examples also show how imperfect Stockfish is in assessing the positional Fischer. Some would suggest it is easier to learn from weaker players, but no, the stronger the player, the more you will learn. Check your abilities and learn more from the 225 puzzles in this book, covering one third of Fischer's games.

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  • Anno 2017
  • Pagine 229
  • Isbn 9781976748585