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Sicilian Defence Modern Practice - 2nd hand

Alexander Kalinin

International notation in Chess Informant style. Text in four languages: English, German, Russian, and Spanish.

2nd hand. Book condition: Like New. Hardcover.

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This book is devoted to the Sicilian Defence, the most popular modern opening, and take a close to its main lines. Some of the games presented here were played in the period prior to the 1990s. They have been included for their instructional value; all these games were milestones on the road of opening theory, and so they cannot be omitted from this manual.
The compact symbolic language used in this book will not prevent the reader from finding typical plans, methods, and combinations that require his particular attention. All these important fragments are marked with the TM ("Typical Method") sign. In the final chapter, the reader will find a number of exercises on strategy and tactics for self-testing.

  • Casa editrice Russian Chess House
  • Code 4931us
  • Anno 2003
  • Pagine p. 274
  • Isbn 5-94693-003-6