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Shedevry i dramy chempionatov SSSR 1920-1937. Tom 1 - 2nd hand very rare


book condition: very good

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Russian language Masterpieces and Dramas of the USSR Championships History of SSSR chess Championship from 1920 (1st Alekhine) to 1937

The new project of the well-known journalist Sergey Voronkov is a marketing concept, which is under the legendary brand “sovetskaya shakhmatnaia school”. In the USSR Championships, starting with the first All-Union Olympiad (1920) and ending with the last, 58th All-Union Forum (1991), all the best chess players of the country, including eight world champions, took part! In his work, the author of the journal is exclusively concerned with documents: newspapers and magazines of the past years, a bulletins tournament. Games are also beautiful - only the best and the most dramatic! Comments on the participants themselves, in addition, they all were subjected to 'Kaspersky's' computer testing. This volume is made first for the USSR Championships (1920-1937). It includes 107 selected "masterpieces and dramas" and 150 photos and drawings.

  • Casa editrice Rypol Classic
  • Code Urss01us
  • Anno 2007
  • Pagine p. 464
  • Isbn 9785386000165