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Shakhmatnye okontshanija Slonovyye i konevyye Averbakh Averbakh Bishop Endings and Knight Endings - 2nd hand

Averbakh Yuri

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russian language

By Yuri Averbakh - Rook's endgames

This is Comprehensive Chess Endings is a five volume master work by one of the world's leading authorities on the Chess Endgames, Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh. This is the original published in Russian. This English version is a direct translation from the Russian except that the order of the volumes has been changed. In the Russian original this is volume 2. However, in the English Translation it is volume 1. In the translated version, this is Comprehensive Chess Endings, Volume 1, Bishop Endings, Knight Endings

  • Casa editrice Ishi Press
  • Code Rus0315us
  • Pagine p. 238
  • Anno 1980/2015
  • Isbn 9784871875844