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Play the King's Gambit vol 1 Accepted - 2nd hand

Estrin Yakov, Glaskov Igor

2nd hand - Book condition: some notes by the previous owner, otherwise like new

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This book is devoted to one of the most romantic of openings, the King’s Gambit: 1 e4 e5 2 f4. On his second move White offers a pawn sacrifice for the sake of central control and development, and the resulting complications have given rise to some of the finest examples of chess art. But this book is not only an invitation into this wonderful, if slightly forgotten, world, it also sets out to demonstrate that, even in this technological age, the King’s Gambit has been enriched with new positional ideas and is now a thoroughly modern opening, where Black must boldly accept the challenge of complications or else risk ending up in an inferior position.

This volume, KING’S GAMBIT ACCEPTED, analyses all variations where Black immediately accepts the gambit pawn by 2 … exf4.

The companion book, KING’S GAMBIT DECLINED, covers variations where Black avoids, or defers, the acceptance of the gambit pawn.

  • Casa editrice Pergamon Press
  • Code 2284us
  • Anno 1982
  • Pagine 175
  • Isbn 0-08-026872-2

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