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Modern Stonewall Dutch - 2nd hand

Eric Schiller

Second Edition, updated in July, 2012 with the most recent games and analysis. First edition published in 1989 by Chess Enterprises.

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At the time of the first edition, this opening was just becoming popular in Grandmaster chess. It soon became a hot item and for this edition we had over 20,000 games in our database. Champions of the defense include Grandmasters Agdestein, Dolmatov, Gleizerov (more than 100 games!), Glek, Karlsson, Moskalenko, Nikolic, Ulibin and Vaisser. The theory is now pretty well established. I recommend that you start by studying the new Overview and looking at the games cited in the next paragraphs. I have concentrated on the lines most frequently seen in high level games. The opening is so absurdly transpositional that there is no way to organize it exhaustively. The most important thing is to note where the pieces usually land.

  • Casa editrice Ishi Press
  • Code 1826us
  • Anno 2012
  • Pagine 159
  • Isbn 4-87187-431-1