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French Winawer Alekhine Gambit - 2nd hand

Tony Dempsey

2nd-hand book in very good condition. Algebraic with figurines.

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Although essayed by Maroczy as early as 1924, the development of the Gambit only really began with its adoption by Alekhine in his famous nineteen move defeat of Nimzovich at the Bled tournament of 1931. The World Champion was later to explain that 4 Ne2 was selected for that encounter in correct anticipation of Nimzovich repeating a questionable line which had brought the latter success against Sir George Thomas at Marienbad six years previously. Alekhine expressed the opinion that objectively 4 Ne2 was harmless but continued to adopt the system with success though it was only one of several counters to the Winawer within his repertoire. The reputation of 4 Ne2 reached its zenith in 1935 when the system scored 1½/2 for Alekhine in his match with Euwe while Lasker, Capablanca and Spielmann all experimented with it during the great Moscow tournament.

  • Casa editrice The Chess Player
  • Code 1100us
  • Anno 1986
  • Pagine p. 84
  • Isbn 0-906042-64-1