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Chess Lessons - Yusupov - 2nd hand

Yusupov Artur

Book condition: very good

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Between 1999 and 2002 Artur Yusupov produced and published in Germany a small series of ten training booklets, each one covering a particular chess theme. This experimental project proved quite popular, not only with German-speaking readers. Many of his chess colleagues liked this form of individual training, and some of them used the material in their classes too. This favourable reaction prompted the idea of an English translation.

Although the booklets were aimed at players of differing abilities, most wanted the complete set. And that`s how these different themes have ended up in one book. You could also look on this diversity as a strength if a reader, with chess ambitions, wants to test his overall ability. Moreover, for chess trainers this book provides several ready-made lectures, and many useful exercises covering different aspects of the game, already sorted in terms of their level of difficulty.

  • Casa editrice Chess Gate
  • Code 5395us
  • Anno 2004
  • Pagine p. 196
  • Isbn 9783935748070