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15 Games And Their Stories - 2nd hand

Mikhail Botvinnik

A second-hand book in very good condition. Algebraic.

A former world champion brings up some memorable chess events from an insider's view. This work is actually a cross between the entertaining and the analytical. Here the reader will find, along with the fifteen games, something that generally lurks behind the dry text of the game scores. He will become familiar with what the players go through, sometimes funny and occasionally sad.

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Mikhail Botvinnik is recognized as one of the greatest chessmasters of all time, and is equally preeminent as a writer. His books are models of good analysis and annotation and he has already produced a number of recognized classics of literature. This new book is his first effort at combining entertainment and analysis. It brings to the reader the human side of chess and makes the games come alive. We meet here many of the famous grandmasters of this century: Smyslov, Capablanca, Reshevsky, Euwe, Keres, Bronstein and others. The 15 games span four decades during which Botvinnik wore the crown of world champion three times: 1948-1957; 1958-1960; and 1961-63.

  • Casa editrice Chess Enterprises
  • Code 1347us
  • Anno 1982
  • Pagine p.76
  • Isbn 0-931462-15-0