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1000 Rook Endings - 2nd hand rare like new

Pinter Jozsef

Book condition: like new

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The sequel to his 1,000 Pawn Endings and an equally impressive `labour of love` by GM Pinter. Exactly 1,001 Rook Endings, mostly from GM practice, are presented to the reader with the task to solve. Solutions are in symbolic language. Fresh material including examples from 2006.
``Although they seem easy, I noticed, the top grandmasters` endgames are full of mistakes, inaccuracies``, according to Pinter.
1. Rook against Rook +1 pawn.
2. Rook +1 against Rook +1
3. Two-pawn-majority rook endings.
4. Rook+2 against Rook+1
5. Rook+2 against Rook+2
6. Rook+3 against Rook+2
7. Rook+3 against Rook+3
8. Rook+4 against Rook+3
9. Rook+4 against Rook+4
10. Rook+5 against Rook+4
11. Rook+5 against Rook+5, and Rook+6 against Rook+6
11. Rook+6 against Rook+5.

  • Casa editrice Magyar Sakkvilag
  • Code 5691us
  • Anno 2007
  • Pagine p. 434
  • Isbn 9789639750005