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Inside Chess 1988-2000 - ALL 284 Issues in Searchable PDF Format on 3 DVDs

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Inside Chess magazine was published from January 1988 to January 2000. Now you can own the complete run of 284 issues on DVD in searchable PDF format!
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Inside Chess magazine was published from January 1988 to January 2000.

Now you can own the complete run of 284 issues on DVD in searchable PDF format!

* All 284 issues!!

* 3 DVD set!!

* Searchable PDF format!!

* Easily find events, openings and players!!

* One Table of Contents file for all issues!!

* One Index file for all issues!!

Chess Book Reviews:
"INSIDE CHESS grew to prominence in a world quite different from the one we now inhabit. Remember that there was no Internet in 1988. There was no Mark Crowther (..) Chessbase was a mere toy. In such days there was still room for a bi-weekly magazine that would cover recent events from a near-insider perspective. A lag of a couple of weeks between game played and annotations published was not cause for alarm; if Seirawan’s wonderful annotations are any indication, it might have been preferable. The magazine’s main publishers were Yasser Seirawan and John Donaldson. It’s hard to think of two people better suited for such a task."

Dennis Monokroussos, The Chess Mind:
"The magazine wasn't just Seirawan, though it was his baby. Many other players on both sides of the Atlantic helped out over the years, most of all American (by way of Bulgaria) IM Nikolay Minev, who wrote numerous articles from opening theory to chess history to various subtle tactical themes. (Others include GMs John Nunn, Nigel Short and Walter Browne; IMs Jeremy Silman, John Donaldson and Zoran Ilic, and there were many many more.) Nor was the magazine only games and analysis: there were tournament reports (with pictures and crosstables), interviews, discussions of chess politics, news briefs (often fascinating, as we see players who are famous today making their first tiny splashes on the world scene)."