LE DUE TORRI Chess Department Store - Who we are


Founded in 1985 out of a great love for chess, LE DUE TORRI is one of the four leading chess retailers in Europe. By 1994 we were already the No. 1 Italian online chess goods supplier. We are proud that after more than 25 years of service we have earned the trust and loyalty of thousands and thousands of Italian and international chess enthusiasts. LE DUE TORRI is also one of Italy's most respected and successful chess publishers.



- Large on-premises warehouse: our products are always available and immediately ready to be delivered
- We arrange for the direct manufacture of various product lines 
- Each of the more than 3,000 items in our catalog has been evaluated and chosen by expert staff.
- The use of specialised software to guarantee smooth reliable service
- More than 25 years of experience guarantees complete customer satisfaction
- Quick reliable delivery 
- Secure worry-free payment options 
- Expert pre and post-sales service
- No-hassle product return and substitution


Our customers include World Champions Garry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik along with other elite players and celebrities. LE DUE TORRI has been the choice of the President of the world chess body, FIDE, the Italian Chess Federation, for which we exclusively handle official merchandise, as well as other federations around the world, including the Japanese and Turkish Chess Federations, not to mention the English musician/singer/songwriter Sting, a keen chess player, and the leading Italian broadcasters Rai and Mediaset. These are just some of the famous members of a vast group of chess lovers, beginners, club and professional players who rely on LE DUE TORRI for sound advice and quality chess products. We are also supply countless clubs, tournament organisers and chess schools, offering the exactly the right service and products for children and adults alike. LE DUE TORRI had the great honour of being appointed the official supplier for the 2006 Turin Chess Olympiad, the 2009 European Championships and the 2012 Olympiad in Istanbul.



 Claudio Pantaleoni
Claudio Pantaleoni is a Chess Master and a renowned expert on chess opening theory; he is a co-author of the acclaimed four-volume Chess Opening Essentials, published by New in Chess, and the author of Capire le Aperture published by LE DUE TORRI.  Claudio has also authored numerous books and DVD's on all aspects of the game and is responsible for the preparation of LE DUE TORRI'S new publications and training material. He is also an authority on chess software. Claudio has been with LE DUE TORRI since 1985.


Claudio Selleri
Claudio Selleri has been playing chess since 1976 and is a Correspondence Chess Master. Claudio is the linchpin of Le due Torri's retail, publishing, and chess federation activities. The author of information technology training courses and a software expert, Claudio coordinates all of LE DUE TORRI'S technical and executive activities.
He has been with 
LE DUE TORRI since 1985.


Lorenzo Benetti
Lorenzo Benetti is an expert chess player as well as an Italian Chess Federation regional arbiter (... and an accountant!). Lorenzo is the mainstay of all LE DUE TORRE's online retailing activities. He is completely up to date with all the latest developments in the chess world and coordinates with customers, clubs and suppliers. Lorenzo has been with LE DUE TORRI since 1998.


 Barbara Sforza
Barbara is our secretary, girl-Friday and Ms Fix-it. Without her we'd be lost.

  Giuseppina Rubino
Giusy is responsible for all our warehouse and delivery activities: good-humoured efficiency is her trademark and thoroughness her watchword: every single parcel is carefully inspected by Giusy before it is dispatched.


Carlo Alberto Veronesi
Carlo Alberto Veronesi is a Candidate Master with decades of experience in the chess world.  Welcoming Italian and international customers to LE DUE TORRI's retail premises in Bologna allows Carlo to indulge in his dual passion for chess and languages. He has a special love for old and rare chess books.